Peter Pioppo
Cocktail #4 prepared by Ramon Gonzalez and George Manon.
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Cocktail #4

Teardrop Lounge, Portland, Oregon, Daniel Shoemaker / March 2011

This recipe originally appeared in Flavor's Good Book.

This unnamed cocktail, part of a lineup of six food-and-drink pairings, was served with Port-laced pasta, duck confit, and wild mushrooms.

For 1 serving
• 2 oz. Encanto Acholado pisco
• 3/4 oz. cherry digestif
• 1/2 oz. Late-Vintage Port reduction
• 10 drops Oregon truffle bitters

Stir all ingredients together with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Cherry digestif: Macerate lightly cracked late-harvest Hood River cherry pits in neutral grain spirit for 3 months, add roasted dandelion root, toasted gentian, cinchona, dried blackberry leaf, and dong quai (Chinese Angelica).

Port reduction: Simmer Port, sugar, Indonesian cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla bean until reduced by 2/3. Oregon Truffle bitters: Steep fresh black Oregon truffles in high-proof rye for 2 months; barrel age in new Oregon oak for another 3.