Bill Milne
Brandy Truffle Flip
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Brandy Truffle Flip

Eben Freeman, Sam Mason, Tailor, New York City, Francis Derby / April 2007

This recipe originally appeared in Tailor Made.

A "Flip" is an old classic winter drink using hot ale (most traditional), Sherry, rum, or brandy, and egg. Here, the brandy and egg are joined by black truffle (its affinity with eggs is renowned) to produce an intriguingly savory cocktail.

• 1/2 oz. Gran Duque d'Alba brandy
• 1 heaping tsp. flip batter
• 1 drop black truffle oil
• 2 oz. hot milk
• fresh truffle

  1. Place first three ingredients in an espresso or eggcup; add hot milk while stirring constantly (should look like a macchiato).

  2. Shave fresh truffle on top.

To make flip batter: Separate 4 eggs. To the yolks add 1/2 cup sugar and a pinch of salt. Add a pinch of cream of tartar to the whites; whip to stiff peaks. Fold yolks into whites; place in sealed container; refrigerate for service.

Pair with: Hibiscus glazed short ribs with date puree and green tea daikon.