Peter Pioppo
January/February: Conceptual Artist Nir Adar's silvery food medal honors this year's roundup of industry winners. Pot handle courtesy of All-Clad.
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2012: Covered

December 31st, 2012

Conceptual Artist Nir Adar's silvery food medal honors this year's roundup of industry winners. Pot handle courtesy of All-Clad.
Photo by Peter Pioppo.

Jersey Shore Boys: Avid fishermen and best buds David Pasternak, Tom Colicchio, and Kerry Heffernan hang out with their catch beside Colicchio's boat at its winter berth in New Jersey.
Photo by David Yellen.

The world is their garden, as chef Yoshihiro Narisawa shows with this dish called Inori (prayer) from last year's Cook It Raw event in Japan: snow crab, burdock, lotus root, wasabi, Japanese honeywort, Japanese yam, and an edible salsify "candle" served in a paper bowl made by student artisans.
Photo by Erik Olsson.

Spring, a time of rejuvenation and bright blooms at Meadowood in Napa Valley, where a stem-to-stern makeover is equal to Christopher Kostow's three-star cuisine.
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Photo by Erin Kunkel.

Daniel Orr of FARMbloomington in Bloomington, Indiana, wears his heart on his sleeve, courtesy of tattoo artist Collin McClain. Orr also wears his native state on his menu by making great use of local products, both farmed and foraged.
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Photo by Daniel Showalter.

Indianapolis-based photographer Daniel Showalter captured Daniel Orr of FARMbloomington holding the good stuff for this month’s cover image in connection with How Local Can You Go?. “Orr was truly a pleasure to work with,” says Showalter. “He is committed to serving his customers only the freshest ingredients, much of which comes straight from his own farm. The tattoo on his forearm pretty much sums up what he’s all about. Farm. Fresh. Food.” Showalter is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and now works with restaurants, architectural firms, interior designers, publishing companies, advertising agencies, and more. He and his wife, Jenny, currently live in Westfield, Indiana, with their two daughters, Charlotte and Hallie.

Daniel Humm, deli man of elegance, presents smoked sturgeon under glass at Eleven Madison Park in New York City. For Humm's fall/winter menu preview, click here. Custom cloche by furtherdesign and metal base by Alexander Pakis.
Photo by Christopher Villano.

“The challenging aspect of this cover photo was not only to create a nice light for the food while catching the smoke in perfect position, but also to control the highlights on the glass dome,” says New York City–based photographer Christopher Villano. “Normally, I shoot using daylight, but this time we had to use a strobe in order to freeze the smoke. After a little fussing about, we finally got the shot and then sat down for a terrific lunch.” Villano’s work takes him across the globe, shooting lifestyle, travel, and hospitality images for clients. “When I’m not working, I’m usually cooking for my family and pretending to be the chefs I’ve worked with. It’s great fun, and we usually eat some pretty great food.”

With their four-day-a-week restaurant installation Frej (now closed) in a Brooklyn art space, Richard Kuo and Frederick Berselius are two of the young chefs putting a new face on fine dining.
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Photo by David Yellen.

The traditional sea biscuits known as gallette del marinaio in the hands of Italo Maccarini of Panificio Maccarini in the Ligurian hamlet of San Rocco, the basis for three regional dishes.
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Photo by Colin Dutton.

A hotelier changes his spots: Richard Kessler, former CEO of Days Inn, now runs a group of unique boutique stand-alones, all embellished with his collection of art and artifacts. Here Stefano Cecchini's hyper realistic leopard painting graces the reception area of the Mansion of Forsyth Park's restaurant 700 Dayton in Savannah, Georgia.
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A chef reads stories from a cookbook chockablock with tales—past, present, and future—to his compadres gathered around a campfire.
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Painting by Eric Bowman.

Award-winning oil painter Eric Bowman played off the concept of chef-as-raconteur for the cover of the December issue, illustrating this year’s overriding motif among chefs cookbooks. “I’ve always considered food enjoyable, but never comically surreal until working with Food Arts. Chefs reading cookbooks to each other around a campfire in full uniform was a lot of fun to illustrate.” Bowman maintains a formidable list of past and present clients, including Nike, Coppertone, Hallmark, Kellogg’s, Nabisco, TIME-LIFE Entertainment, and the Kentucky Derby, along with many books, music albums, and magazines. In 2009, his painting appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post’s inaugural relaunch. While he lives in Tigard, Oregon, with his wife and daughter, his works are in collections around the world, including in the offices of Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association.