Gabriela Hasbun
San Francisco chef Dominique Crenn, a self-professed nature child, gets inspired by the great outdoors. Styling by Kerrie Sherrell Walsh. Hair and makeup by Tietjen Fischer.
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The December Issue is Here!

December 2013

Dominique Crenn: Au Naturel

Pilot Light: Happy New Year, by the Numbers

Front Burner
Insider news and updates from around the world
Fleet-Footed Concierge
You Can Hear Yourself Eat
Mustard Maven
Doctor Gastronomy
Ghosts Busted
Sad Good-Bye: Charlie Trotter
Endless Flavors
Tending Tradition

Deep Dish
Chefs’ coming and goings

Whisk Around the World
Global restaurant and hotel dish

Birth Announcements
A roundup of restaurant openings

Say Cheese
Our paparazzi’s portfolio

Wine Notes
New wine releases

Arresting Dialogues
Lots to talk about in 2013
Looks We Love
Cronut Timeline

Beyond Imagination
Dominique Crenn cooks with a singular voice

Word-to-Table Cooking
A full year of chefs’ cookbooks

Mission Marseille
Three-star chef moves port city beyond bouillabaisse

Recipe File
A sheaf of recipes drawn from this issue
Sea Urchin with Licorice, White Chocolate & Yuzu
Boiled Stone Crab & Seaweeds
Radish Vichyssoise with Mussels & Pesto
Fava Bean Risotto
Cured Tenderloin with Brazil Nut Milk
Adobo-Fried Chicken & Waffles

Silver Spoon Award: Nahum Waxman