David Yellen
Whoopin’ it up for Food Arts: Wylie Dufresne and Dan Barber help celebrate our 25th birthday.
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The January/February Issue Is Here

January/February 2014

Special Anniversary Issue: It's a Celebration! We're 25 and Counting.

Watch the 25th Anniversary video.

Pilot Light: Remembrance of Things Past

Front Burner
Insider news and updates from around the world
Let Them Eat Kale
Veyrat Is Back
The Next Cupcake?
On the Chocolate Trail
Sad Good-Bye: Jean Banchet

Deep Dish
Chefs’ comings and goings

Birth Announcements
A roundup of restaurant openings

Say Cheese
Our paparazzi’s portfolio

Whisk Around the World
Global restaurant and hotel dish

Wine Notes
New wine releases

Meet the Midtowners
Betony's young duo play against type

Cheers to 25 Years!
For sippers and tipplers, the best of all worlds

Jean-Louis Lives!!!
Bryan Miller revives the legacy of a great chef

Once and Future Kitchens
A look at the engine room of restaurants

The Chef Who Rescued Iceland
Out of hard times Gunnar Karl Gísland fosters home-grown prosperity

Chefs’ Wear Daily
Changing styles for BOH and FOH

Worldwide Waitresses
Hey hon, whaddya want with that portfolio?

Change Agent
California’s dreamers show the way

That Plate, It Becomes You
Eye on the chefs’ canvas

Recipe File
A sheaf of recipes drawn from this issue
Poached Oysters with Matsutake Mushrooms
Goat’s Milk & Buckwheat
Sautéed Swordfish & Osetra Cakes with Caviar Sauce
Braised Sweetbreads Wrapped in Black Truffles with Celeriac/Cream Sauce
Editors’ Picks from the Past 25 Years

Silver Spoon Award: The Food Arts Reader