David Yellen
On the cover: Oysterman Kendall Schoelles, one of the many locals chef Chris Hastings came across on his trip through the Forgotten Coast of the Florida Panhandle.
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The June Issue Is Here

June 2014

Pilot Light
The State of the Union

Front Burner
They Get You Coming and Going
Bon Appétit, Monsieur Poirot
Preserving Harlem
Wine Share
Instant Kitchens
Farm to Jewel Case
Flavor Patrol: Not Your Mother’s Lassi
Kale + Brussels Sprouts

Insider news and updates from around the world

Deep Dish
Chefs’ comings and goings

Birth Announcements
A roundup of restaurant openings

Say Cheese
Our paparazzi’s portfolio

Whisk Around the World
Global restaurant and hotel dish

Wine Notes
New wine releases

Tiki Primer
Trading up on Trader Vic

Memory’s Backwater
Chris Hastings takes a road trip to Florida’s Forgotten Coast

Insider Insights
Experts take the industry’s temperature at CIA/Food Arts Flavor Summit

A High Way with Byways
At Fogo Island Inn, poetic riffs on Newfoundland cuisine

It Takes a Restaurant
A communitarian spirit takes hold in the hospitality world

Recipe File
A sheaf of recipes drawn from this issue
Grilled Octopus & Jumbo Asparagus with Romesco, Hearts of Palm & Chorizo
Hot and Hot Noodle Bowl
Yogurt Panna Cotta with Lemon Cream & Granola Verrine
Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me Inn
Charred Baby Carrots with Kombucha, Nasturtium, Barley & Lamb Belly
Crab & Bone Marrow with Horseradish Cream
Georgia Roe Shrimp with Fava Beans, Ramps, Shoyu & Little Gem Lettuce

Silver Spoon Award: Wylie Dufresne

John Kessler
“I’ve been following the story of The Giving Kitchen and Staplehouse for over a year,” notes chef–turned–James Beard award winning writer John Kessler, author of this month’s “It Takes a Restaurant” (page 67). “This combination charity/restaurant seems like a new template for business, and it answers a need in today’s generation of foodservice workers who want to feel vested and taken care of. I wanted to see how this spirit of giving was playing out nationally.” Kessler also cuts loose with chef Chris Hastings and photographer David Yellen in the Florida Panhandle in “Memory’s Backwater” (page 44). “Following Chris down backwoods roads and on oyster pontoons was a total blast. The cab of his SUV just seemed to expand in size as he loaded it with local products.”

David Yellen
“Traveling with Hastings was one of the best assignments I’ve been on,” says Flushing, Queens–born photographer David Yellen, who shot this month’s cover and “Memory’s Backwater.” “Any time you get to be guided though a lifestyle that most people will never get to experience is a great day. Oystering, clamming, and picking fresh produce on an organic farm were all firsts for me.” Yellen is known for taking powerful and striking portraits that have been featured on the covers of Cigar Aficionado, Fortune, and Billboard magazines, while some of his clients include New York Times Magazine, the History Channel, ESPN, Rolling Stone, and GQ. He’s the author of two books, and, when he’s not cooking for his wife and young daughter, the enthusiastic amateur lumberjack can be found outdoors with his Husqvarna 450e chainsaw or down by the waterside, fishing.

Amy Rosen
“I’d say the thing I liked most about my visit to Fogo Island [off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada]—besides, of course, the food—was the way the locals welcomed us into their homes,” says Toronto-based journalist and food editor Amy Rosen, author of “A High Way with Byways” (page 60). “There were perfect Gin & Tonics made with iceberg ice, impromptu lunches, and lazy suppers. Even when we were out for our ‘boil-up’ in the woods, everybody who skidooed by on the icy ponds stopped for tea and laughs. Though we were on an isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic with a very sparse population, you never felt alone. And the warmth of the islanders was reflected in their homespun dishes.” The James Beard–nominee’s November 2012 Food Arts story, “Creating a Scene,” took the top prize in the Northern Lights Awards for the culinary print category, and her third book, Toronto Cooks, is due out this October.