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Tortillas hit the City of Light.
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Tortilla Takeover

Brianna Wippman - July/August 2013

Paris—It’s easy to fall in love with Paris, but the one thing Erika Ungur found missing when she moved there from Mexico was a decent tortilla. While attending the prestigious ESCP Europe business school, Ungur pitched her idea for a tortilleria to two venture capitalists. “Can you imagine a day without a baguette?” Ungur asked. “What if those baguettes were frozen or vacuum-packed?” And so, with the help of structural engineer Guillermo Pita and Luis Rendòn, chef of the new Mexican hot spot Candelaria, Ungur opened Mil Amores Tortilleria in March.

Located in the 11th arrondissement, Mil Amores offers fresh corn tortillas in two sizes (14 and 16 cm/5.5 and 6.3 inches) for €10 per kg ($6.50/lb). Customers can choose white or yellow corn tortillas, and blue will be coming soon. Mil Amores also makes totopos (corn chips). In Mexico, tortilla makers use gas ovens, but in order to conform to French laws and policies, an electric machine had to be ordered from Mexico.

Mil Amores also supplys several Mexican restaurants, including Candelaria, La Mezcalaria, and Zicatela, and is open to the public on Saturday afternoons. Tours are offered, with instructions on how best to heat the tortillas at home. With a little grated cheese or some guacamole, they make the perfect goûter. The tortillas are also available by mail order throughout France.

In the future, Mil Amores plans to sell Mexican sauces and their tortillas in French épiceries. It’s “the authentic Mexican taste that will bring you back home.” Or at least to tortilla heaven.