Instant Kitchens

Merrill Shindler - June 2014

Naperville, Illinois—When culinary disaster strikes, you could call in Gordon Ramsay. (All that hair—and that mouth!) You could call in Robert Irvine. (All those muscles—and more muscles!) Or, you could just cut to the chase and call in Kitchens To Go, a creation of Carlin Manufacturing, that supplies “mobile and modular kitchen solutions”—including their new “Bolt-On Kitchen”—and have a new kitchen in a matter of weeks—or even days.

These are the kitchens that were used to feed the first responders during disasters like Hurricane Sandy. And they were used when additional culinary facilities were needed at facilities as variant as the Washington Naval Yard in Washington, D.C., and Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. According to Ralph Goldbeck, a partner in Kitchens To Go, “Our temporary kitchens have been installed in less than one month, are code-compliant, and have the ability to serve our clients for years to come.” In other words, this is a temporary solution—with permanent roots.

And, its a solution with a major online presence. Go to, click on “Webinars,” and you’ll find a world of website lectures on topics as varied as “Temporary Kitchens 101,” “Healthcare Solutions,” “College & University Solutions,” and “Correctional Solutions.” The latter is not for use in correctional institutions, they’re for kitchens that are in dire need of immediate renovation. What there isn’t, is a webinar in the fine art of feeding rock bands. When Bruce Springsteen played two nights at Wrigley Field in Chicago last year, the craft services were dished out of a massive mobile kitchen trailer leased by HSG Catering. The perfect chow for the man who gave us the song “Hungry Heart.”