Alain Ducasse's latest opus comes in the form of an iPad app with over 200 recipes.
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'Appy Alain

Jacqueline Sainsbury / June 3rd, 2013

Never one to rest on his laurels, Alain Ducasse recently launched an app for iPads with over 200 of his recipes. The ambitious program, "My Culinary Encyclopedia: recipes and techniques by Alain Ducasse" goes well beyond the basics with interactive links throughout containing detailed descriptions and images of produce, equipment, and techniques.

Recipes are broken down into multiple categories: gastronomy, bistros, desserts, vegetables & herbs, sea, etc.—and favorites can be added to the "chef's office" feature at the bottom of the page. Readers are also able to add their own personal recipes and images to the "chef's office," making the app a handy reference in the kitchen. The project took six months to complete; however, Ducasse plans to continue adding recipes and features.

The app is available in English and French for $33.99 from iTunes.