Seen & Read: July 11, 2013

Food Arts Staff / July 11th, 2013

Grappling with Gluten, Food Arts
With the introduction of Thomas Keller and Lena Kwak’s Cup4Cup Pancake and Waffle mix, we turn to last year’s Food Arts feature, where we see how chefs are taking on the growing demand for gluten-free menu items. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

Éclairs in Paris,
Parisian pastry guru David Lebovitz spotted a new trend: éclairs. Not the traditional, cream-filled, sugar-iced gâteaux, these whimsically decorated delights include sweet seasonal fillings and savory "cocktail"-size bites like foie gras and figs; there’s even a patriotic tableau for Bastille Day. There are mouthwatering photographs on his website. —Meryle Evans, contributing editor

Why There Are Too Few Cooks for New York City’s Elite Kitchens, NPR
Gasp! There are other culinary hot spots outside of the City? Of course there are—line cooks make it big elsewhere without spending the big bucks. —Abbe Lewis

Are We Finished Yet with Paula Deen?, Gael Greene’s e-newsletter, Forkplay
An interesting perspective on a hot topic. —Philippa Riley, advertising and events coordinator

Miso Oat Porridge,
In all of the days I’ve eaten oatmeal—which is, roughly, every day—I’ve never eaten it with miso. —Abbe Lewis