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Seen & Read: July 25, 2013

Food Arts Staff / July 25th, 2013

The Restaurateur
Fascinating to take a step back in time and trail along as a young Danny Meyer stands in a cavernous space in January 1998 imagining what will become Eleven Madison Park and Tabla. Watch on The Restaurateur by Roger Sherman and other culinary classics through SundanceNow’s Doc Club for a nominal subscription fee. —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

Eat Drink Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Food Politics by Marion Nestle
Preeminent public health nutritionist, author, and New York University professor Marion Nestle teamed up with the Cartoonist Group to summarize the pressing issues in food politics, with more than 250 cartoons on issues ranging from dietary advice to genetic engineering to childhood obesity. —Gary Tucker, senior editor

What’s Really in My Hot Dog?,
Nothing says backyard barbecue like throwing a few links of “chemically separated beef” on the grill. Wait… what? —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

Gnocchi: The Secrets to Making It, From the Pros, The Washington Post
Who knew there was a season for gnocchi? Chefs disagree about how to make the perfect gnocchi. —Philippa Riley, advertising & events coordinator

The River Café, And the Rebuilding of a Dream, Esquire
You gotta hand it to Buzzy O’Keeffe and his perseverance in the rebuilding of his New York City restaurant/landmark. —Abbe Lewis

Bonjour, Brooklyn, Vogue
Vogue has discovered Brooklyn, or perhaps better to say has imagined an idealized version of it in "Bon Jour Brooklyn" in the August issue. Where are the tattoos, one might ask. Nevertheless we're proud that one of the photos was shot in the charming Ruccola restaurant, which is co-owned by former Food Arts intern Julian Brizzi. And Jeffery Steingarten devotes his estimable column to dining in what he says is either "the new epicenter of American gastronomy or rather a long way to go for dinner." —Beverly Stephen