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Seen & Read: August 1, 2013

Food Arts Staff / August 1st, 2013

Sylvia’s Table: Fresh, Seasonal Recipes from Our Farm to Your Family, by Liz Neumark
Congratulations to Food Arts Silver Spoon winner, Liz Neumark, who debuts her first cookbook with personal recipes and those from “the friends of Katchkie Farm,” where she established the Sylvia Center nonprofit that works to inspire children to eat well. Look for recipes from the likes of Michael Romano, Jonathan Waxman, and Rozanne Gold.

With Too Much Rain in the South, Too Little Produce on the Shelves, The New York Times
While it’s finally beginning to dry out in the Southeast, the brutal rainfall has drenched the fields. Even the watermelons can’t take it. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

What Can't Kale Do, New York Magazine
Drew Ramsey, an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia, has written a book, Fifty Shades of Kale, with 50 different recipes for kale, including—a kale Pisco Sour and a green Bloody Mary. He claims it's the king of vegetables—2 cups of kale has only 66 calories, 250 percent of vitamin C 400 percent of vitamin A, 20 percent of follate, 10 to 20 percent of calcium—"a great dose of nutrients linked to brain health." Just when we thought we were pretty much over kale. —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

Coding Skills Help Geeks Get Top Tables, BBC
Surprise, surprise, it was a Silicone Valley techie who, tired of immense reservation lead times at his favorite restaurants, wrote a program to crack the system and get a table.—Jacqueline Sainsbury, manager, Food Arts online

Chef’s Reviewing Restaurants: Can They Beat the Crowd?, The Washington Post
Chefs are the new restaurant critics? The Washington Post explains how the educated dinermay be better off going to Yelp." – Philippa Riley, advertising and events coordinator

Hotel Lounge Fits onto the Back of a Private Jet, psfk.com
Curious. Unfortunately, there are no talks of the price point. —Abbe Lewis