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Readers Remember MFK

September 13th, 2013

This week, we asked what M.F.K. Fisher may have meant, and still means to you. Here's a small selection of what we heard through the social media pipeline.

"She was one of a kind and a disciple of a dying art. I have all her books and used to park on the road in Glen Ellen just to gaze at her Last House. I have all her books, and I think chefs forget to read words like hers these days. There's so much more to cooking than searing, perfect knife cuts, the Cryovac, and drinking. She wrote about how to live a life of food and really mean it. She brought her words to life and made you feel it. When I was the chef at Sonoma Saveur on the square in Sonoma, California, friends would come in and tell me stories about her. How they all used to get together for dinners with her and now still do in her honor. I still keep Gastronomical Me by my bed to read a little bit here and there. M.F.K. Fisher gave me a different side of my love affair with food, and for that I am grateful." —Mary Dumont, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"I have read them over and over. I love her style! She was the original!" —Jennifer Hill Bakka, Lakeland, Michigan

"To me she means warm and snuggly in bed after a hard day’s working back of the house…devouring her prose, there is not much that is better than that to relax with. What self-professed food writers? In my country, it’s a rare thing. I found M.F.K. through a list on the Internet, about culinary authors." —Berti Peeters, Limburg, Netherlands

"She still matters to me. I was introduced to her writing over 10 years ago at The White Dog Cafe, and she continues to inspire me as a cook, a woman, a writer, and as a human being in general. She taught us to not only consider the oyster, but to consider life in general. And that is one of the many reasons I love her." —Jennifer Choplin, Philadelphia