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Seen & Read: October 3, 2013

Food Arts Staff - October 3rd, 2013

DANIEL: My French Cuisine, by Daniel Boulud and Sylvie Bigar
The latest book from New York City's acclaimed chef is a compilation of nearly 100 recipes, 10 essays by Boulud on topics such as bread, truffles, and cheese, and 10 more essays from author Bill Buford on the origin and preparation of iconic French dishes. The coffee table-style book will be available on October 15 for $60. —Jacqueline Sainsbury, manager, Food Arts online

The Accidental Restaurateur, Vogue
Kerry Diamond, who left a career in the beauty industry to open the Brooklyn restaurant Seersucker with her chef boyfriend, is a perfect fit for a Vogue profile.

Stuck on You, Vogue
Also in the October issue, Jeffrey Steingarten tackles the sticky question of gluten/gluten-free. He muses that gluten-free would mean giving up many of his favorite foods, including Oreos, pizza, a BLT, a six-layer Charleston coconut cake, Southern fried chicken, or waffles, or both served together. —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

The First Time I Met Marcella,
A wonderful glimpse into Reichl’s past when she first encountered the late cookbook author. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

Farmed vs. Wild Salmon: Can You Taste the Difference?, The Washington Post
It's disappointing that wild salmon wasn't the victor in this taste test, but I'd still like to know that my salmon from Costco was raised in an environmentally friendly farm. —Philippa Riley, advertising & events coordinator

A Nightly Dinner Out That’s Like Therapy, New York Times
A life long-lived and filled with epic meals at some of Manhattan’s top restaurants. Keep on keepin’ on. —AL

Dancing, Dining, and Daiquiris in Cajun Country, New York Times
Bryan Miller revisits Cajun country—let the good times roll! —BS