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Seen & Read: October 10, 2013

Food Arts Staff - October 10th, 2013

A Passion For Bread: Lessons from a Master Baker by Lionel Vatinet
The celebrated French Master Baker who resides in Cary, North Carolina, debuts his first cookbook—an encyclopedia containing recipes, techniques, and the craft of bread baking. Look for it on shelves next month. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

A Middle Tennessee Melting Pot, Gravy
The indomitable Phila Hach, a Food Arts Silver Spoon winner, is featured in a story about cooking classes for immigrants that took place in her home kitchen in the Nashville area, in Gravy, a quarterly published by the Southern Foodways Alliance. —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

The Yogurt That Ate New York, New York Magazine
Who knew the whole world wanted to eat Greek yogurt? A Turk of all people. The amazing story of Hamdi Ulukaya, who founded Chobani in 2005 and now produces 30 million cups of yogurt every week. Plus he brought an upstate dairy farming town back to life. —BS

A Day in the Life of Marcus Samuelsson,
Late to bed, early to rise—that’s the motto of the Red Rooster chef. Looks like I need to lace up my shoes earlier if I want to catch a glimpse of him in Manhattan’s backyard. —AL

Spreading Culture, New York Times
Now I know why that Dutch butter that I have been buying recently tastes so superior to American butter. It's not just the fat content. I'm never going back, and I may even dabble in making my own butter, thanks to this article. —Philippa Riley, advertising & events coordinator