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Seen & Read: November 14, 2013

Food Arts Staff - November 14th, 2013

Cooking from the Heart by John Besh
Beloved New Orleans chef John Besh shares family recipes and personal stories of his life in this, his third cookbook. It reveals his deep love and devotion to the importance of local ingredients and dishes, and inspires readers to make his recipes their own. —Gary Tucker, senior editor

Goddesses of Food: 10 World-Class Chefs Who—Believe It or Not—Are Women,
Many are in uproar over Time magazine’s cover story encompassing chefs—only male chefs—and for good reason. Grub Street rounds up some (only some) of the great female forces of culinaria who have changed the way we think about and eat our food. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

When One Kitchen Isn’t Enough, New York Times
This article sheds light on a struggle that many successful chefs will face at one point in their career. —Philippa Riley, advertising & events coordinator

Food Labeling Stirs Controversy in Japan, Wall Street Journal Passing off Korean chestnuts in Mont Blancs that supposedly "lavishly used only French chestnuts," just won't fly in Japan anymore, as a large chain store is forced to apologize for "mak[ing] things look better, more delicious, more luxurious." —Jacqueline Sainsbury

Cook It Raw (Charleston)
While the film won’t be released until next year, we can get a glimpse at what happened last month as some of the best chefs came together in the Lowcountry. —A.L.

Trotter’s Legacy: A Legion of Chefs, New York Times
The Windy City boasts great culinary talent, and this write-up in the Times shows just how many worked in Trotter’s kitchen. —A.L.