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Absinthe Brasserie & Bar's beet cake with fromage blanc frosting, walnut ice cream and candied walnuts from Carolyn Jung's new cookbook, San Francisco Chef's Table.
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Seen & Read: December 5, 2013

Food Arts Staff - December 5th, 2013

San Francisco Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the City by the Bay by Carolyn Jung
Food Arts contributing editor, Carolyn Jung, celebrates the home of California cuisine with recipes from over 50 of the city’s celebrated toques. Click the image above to preview dishes from the book, which is being released on December 17. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

New Orleans Restaurant Scene Rises, Reflecting a Richer City, New York Times
Restaurants are leading the way in New Orleans’ recovery. The city has almost 1,400 restaurants today. In 2004, before the storm, it had 809. "Chefs are attracted to a city where eating out is so popular and the most successful ones expand. In that sense, it represents an industry cluster along the lines of the financial industry on Wall Street or high technology in Silicon Valley." —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

Judy Rodgers,
A personal reflection on his time spent with the late chef. —A.L.

LPX First flight of Lunar plant growth experiment,
One small step for man, and should NASA succeed with this, it will be one giant leap for mankind to live on the moon. —A.L.