The Grand Hyatt Debuts Hand–Painted Chocolates
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The Grand Hyatt Debuts Hand–Painted Chocolates

Meryle Evans - December 20th, 2013

Being executive pastry chef at the always bustling 1,306 room Grand Hyatt in Manhattan just wasn't enough for Gonzalo Jimenez, who came north from the New Orleans Hyatt Regency earlier this year. Last week Jimenez unveiled a line of artisanal chocolates—a first for the hotel—that will be sold at the Market, an upscale grab-and-go cafe in the hotel's lobby.

It will be difficult to resist picking up a box of the chocolate-loving chef's hand-painted truffles. As colorful as agate marbles, they come in five flavors: passion fruit, citrus, gianduja/white truffle, coffee, and dulce de leche. “I've always thought of chocolate as more than just a dessert or an ingredient,” says Jimenez, an Argentinean who trained as a pastry chef in Buenos Aires. “I believe it's an experience, with each flavor and texture delivering a new surprise and emotion.”

Each of three chocolate bars in the collection displays those characteristics, with ingredients that enhance the particular type of chocolate pressed into the bottom of the bars—dark chocolate with granola, white chocolate with crunchy chocolate pearls and dried cherries, and milk chocolate with cereal and candied oranges.

Of the myriad delectable flavors, what is Jimenez's favorite? It's hard to decide, he admits, but being from Latin America, well, dulce de leche.