Petit Syrah in Nice, France has had enough rude customers!
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Seen & Read: January 30, 2014

Food Arts Staff - January 30th, 2014

French Cafe Offers Discounts to Polite Customers, The Guardian
How do you get your customers to behave decently to your staff? Simple. Have them pay for their rudeness. —Jacqueline Sainsbury, manager, Food Arts online

We Need to Bring Back Cooking, Esquire
Josh Ozersky makes a valid point—will anyone return to the stoves to create a hearty cassoulet or lasagna, or are we stuck with chefs who only make composed plates? —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

The Elders of Organic Farming, New York Times
The Elders of Organic Farming convene at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, to document the sustainable food movement and discuss the future. Will a next generation take over? —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

Cecilia Chiang: Mandarin Mother,
A beautiful and intimate video of the Food Arts Silver Spoon winner, Chiang says she would’ve designed clothes had she not fallen into the restaurant business. —A.L.

Here Comes KitTea, San Francisco’s First Cat Cafe,
Attention all cat lovers: there’s a cafe opening in San Francisco that’s calling your name. —A.L.