British and Irish magnates feud over the ownership of Claridge's Hotel in London.
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Seen & Read: March 6, 2014

Food Arts Staff - March 6th, 2014

Pampered Guests and Feuding Hosts at Claridge’s Hotel, New York Times
British and Irish magnates are feuding over the ownership of Claridge's Hotel, considered the grande dame of London luxury hotels. In British Monopoly the most desirable property is Mayfair, the posh neighborhood where the hotel is located. —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

Graydon Carter, the Last Impresario, New York Times
"The Last Impresario" is a delicious insider view of the Oscar party thrown by restaurateur/social arbiter/Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. Michael Douglas compares the ambience to the Waverly Inn. Thomas Keller prepared the chicken potpie with braised poulard. —B.S.

Shrove Tuesday in Pictures: Pancake Flippers Take Part in Races Across U.K., The Telegraph
While some folks stateside partook in bead gathering for Mardi Gras, others across the pond raced while flipping flapjacks for Shrove Tuesday. These pictures are definitely worth thousands of words. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

Health Officials Discover Outbreak of Rare Skin Infection Caused by Handling Fish or Seafood at Chinatown Markets, New York Daily News
Watch out, poissonniers! —Jacqueline Sainsbury, manager, Food Arts online

Wishing They All Could Be California Hens, New York Times
For laying hens, the good life is in California, where spacious cages are required by law. But because California is demanding that eggs imported into the state be raised in similar environments, an interstate commerce controversy has erupted. —B.S.

The Monuments of Tech, New York Times
The tech giants in Silicon Valley are building monuments to their particular cultures, and food is a significant part of the package. Google is famous for its free and high quality food, motivated in large part by executives' fear that going off campus to eat ate up too much time. Twitter in San Francisco has a cafeteria named @birdfeeder. Facebook will soon have a Shake Shack in addition to its other outlets. —B.S.