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Pasta Precision

Anna Vega - April 14th, 2014

There are over 600 kinds of pasta, but after One and Three Pasta, you’ll never look at any mere noodle the same way. Artist Serkan Özkaya and architect George L. Legendre have taken a ubiquitous food staple and given it a new form. Theirs is a collaboration that draws on the philosophy of conceptual artist godfather Joseph Kosuth and his famed 1965 work One and Three Chairs.

The exhibition presents the 92 individual pastas extracted from Legendre’s book Pasta by Design, each accompanied by a 3D-printed model and its defined mathematical formula. The topological properties of these diverse ingestibles are a result of Legendre’s rigorous analytics, similar to those used at his architectural practice, IJP, in London. Ranging from the popular farfalle (bow-tie) to the less familiar tight spiral of sagne incannulate, the opportunity to closely examine and muse over each rendition challenges viewers to take a uniquely intellectual approach to the conventional fare.

Ponder your pasta through April 19 at Postmasters Gallery in New York City.