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Celebrating Normand Laprise

Jim Poris - June 2nd, 2014

Respect. Affection. Appreciation. What more could an employer wish from employees who eventually move on to become peers? Normand Laprise has all of this from a group of collaborators and colleagues that extends from his home restaurant Toqué! in Montreal and down the Thruway to New York City, where some of his “offspring” are commanding some of the city’s liveliest kitchens.

Here, in two videos supplementing Food Arts’ Northern Lights Award-winning story on Montreal (“Ils Se Souviennent,” July/August, 2013) they speak about Laprise’s forward-thinking approach and what he meant to them as they got their feet wet as cooks and before becoming acclaimed chefs.

Part I: Normand Laprise: The Original Farm to Table
Part II: The Influence of Montreal's Normand Laprise and Toqué!