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Seen & Read: August 21, 2014

Food Arts Staff - August 21st, 2014

Chocolate: 90 Sinful and Sumptuous Indulgences by Elisabeth Johansson
Pralines, and cookies, and sweets, oh my! The Swedish pastry chef and award-winning cookbook author releases her chocoholic manifesto, complete with techniques, information on the cacao bean, a historical timeline, and even an entire chapter devoted to raw chocolate. Available for purchase this September. —Anna Vega, editorial assistant

Sweet Fundamentals, Wine Spectator
Wine Spectator focuses on "after dinner," enlisting six top pastry chefs from Gramercy Tavern in New York City to Quince in San Francisco to present spectacular sweets well suited for dessert wine pairings. —Beverly Stephen, executive editor

Recipes for Sweet and Savory Bars, Wall Street Journal
Why haven't I thought of savory bars before? Can't wait to make these for a fall picnic. —Philippa Riley, advertising & events coordinator

Gravy Issue #52: Where We Eat: A Quarterly from the Southern Foodways Alliance
Do Southerners have a corner on poetry when it comes to describing such everyday activities as eating at our desks? "We gossip, we laugh, we dream up new ideas. And we pass the pimento cheese, the pork noodles, the lemon icebox pie,” writes Sara Camp Arnold in "The Happy Desk Lunch." And there's Julian Rankin describing a modern bar and restaurant occupying an old post office building. "Mailboxes once stuffed with light bills and bad news will accent a bar lit with bright promise." —B.S.