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25 Years of Silver Spoons: 2000 to 2014

February 3rd, 2014


  • The Knowles Family, January/February
    Harry, Doris, Wade, and Kurt Knowles, members of the indefatigable northern New Jersey restaurateuring dynasty whose unflappable pursuit of quality and unshakable belief in the relevance of tradition have been key to building their much-lauded four-property domain.

  • Alan Davidson, March
    The British diplomat turned food encyclopedist/historian with a bent for the piscatorial world and a comprehensive appreciation of fruit.

  • Roger Vergé, April
    The executive chef/maestro of Moulin de Mougins and inspiring master tutor to legions of chefs who passed their haute exams in his Provençal kitchen just outside of Cannes.

  • Robert Puccini, May
    Awarded for his inspired blend of art, science, business acumen, and intuition he has brought to redefining the nature of the hotel restaurant and the vocation of designer/restaurateur

  • Jan Longone, June
    Her scholarly determination to preserve and honor American culinary literature has resulted in her strong reputation.

  • Nick Valenti, July/August
    Valenti is the Restaurant Associates' (RA) president and CEO, recognized for his ability to keep a giant foodservice company charging ahead of the times.

  • Charlie Trotter, September
    Irrepressible propensity for doing everything better than he has to do. After winning the Outstanding Chef Award from The James Beard Foundation in 1999, Trotter returned this year to claim not one but three Beard Awards, including "Best Restaurant in America."

  • Larry Mindel, October
    Chairman of the board of the Il Fornaio restaurant chain and a restaurateur who's spent his life changing the iconic image of Italian food on the West Coast from Chef Boy-R-Dee to the mustachioed baker and chef of Il Fornaio.

  • Dennis Gavagan, November
    Gavagan dared to foment a culinary revolution from within Marriott International that has gone a long way toward changing the public's perception of the large hotel chain.

  • Gael Greene, December
    The indefatigable Insatiable Gourmet for New York magazine, whose criticism has revealed and reveled in, for better or worse, the food world's cultural and social rituals.


  • Thomas Keller, January/February
    Thomas Keller is the chef/owner of The French Laundry and Bouchon in Yountville, California, who has modeled the defining attributed of a successful contemporary chef for his American peers.

  • Bob Kinkead, March
    Bob Kinkead, chef/owner of Kinkead's in Washington, D.C., and the soon-to-open Colvin Run Tavern, is refining and modernizing the American seafood restaurant.

  • Dr. Ernesto Illy, April
    Dr. Ernesto Illy is chairman of illycaffè S.p.A. in Trieste, Italy. During his lifelong campaign to bring better espresso to the planet—and better living conditions to the people who grow the beans—the bespectacled and ardent Illy has touched the lives of countless educators, restaurant owners, and coffee drinkers.

  • Lidia Matticchio Bastianich & Joseph Bastianich, May
    Lidia Matticchio Bastianich & Joseph Bastianich have spread the gospel of Italy's boot-size culture via its food and wine. From her base at Felidia, Lidia commands a culinary conglomerate that includes televisions shows, cookbooks, a line of pasta sauces, a tour company, and, in partnership with Joseph, four other restaurants and a vineyard in Italy.

  • Michael Romano, June
    Michael Romano has had a large hand in codifying a cuisine of relaxed urbanity that has become the vernacular for countless American chefs.

  • Michael Tong, July/August
    Michael Tong, is a suave and savvy restaurateur who has dared to drape a smooth white tablecloth over the luncheonette Formica of Chinese restaurants.

  • Milton Glaser, September
    Milton Glaser is the graphic designer and co-founder of the influential Push Pin Studios, whose ebullient vision and good humor has kicked the stuffiness out of shopping, playing, and eating.

  • Joe Marchetti Jr., October
    Joe Marchetti Jr. is a Chicago icon whose sensitivity, courage, and unwavering love of the restaurant business have helped him make a bold new start in this still new century.

  • Horst Schulze, November
    Horst Schulze, former president and COO of the Atlanta-based Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, inspires 20,000-plus employees to provide nothing less than superior service.

  • Elizabeth Schneider, December
    Elizabeth Schneider is an unrivaled produce troubadour, encyclopedic epicure, and central guiding spirit of America's open ended food revolution.


  • Hugh Hardy, January/February
    Hugh Hardy is a distinguished architect who, in his exuberant devotion to "the romance of public space," has exemplified the idea that a well-designed restaurant is part of the enduring sinew of public life.

  • Jean-Georges Vongerichten, March
    Jean-Georges is a suave, Prada-cool Alsatian who continues to alter the culinary and business landscapes for modern chefs.

  • John Doherty, April
    John Doherty is the executive chef of New York City's Waldorf-Astoria hotel, and a leader in returning hotel dining to the days when the original Waldorf and its Gilded Age "grand hotel" peers drew the capitalist cream with the quality of their food.

  • Tony Goldman, May
    Tony Goldman is the urban developer/preservationist who has harnessed the hip factor of restaurants and hotels to help resuscitate the architectural splendor and human vibrancy of a number of down-at-the-heels city neighborhoods.

  • Betty Fussell, June
    Betty Fussell is the food historian and cookbook author whose endeavors have plotted the major coordinates of American cooker, particularly corn.

  • Hubert and Chantal Keller, July/August
    Hubert and Chantal Keller have steadfastly carried the banner of French haute cuisine through the riptides of San Francisco's restaurant culture.

  • Stephen Hanson, September
    Stephen Hanson is master of the high-volume switch and lord of the high-tech controls he manipulates to do everything from mood setting to financial tracking for his empire of restaurants.

  • Ariane Daguin & George Faison, October
    Ariane Daguin & George Faison are the co-founders/co-owners of Newark, New Jersey based D'Artagnan, the fresh game/foie gras company that transported American chefs through the European looking glass.

  • Philippe Starck, November
    Philippe Starck, the oracular teddy bear of a French designer, returned poetry and wit, humanity and verve to hotel design.

  • Vincent J. Bommarito, December
    Vincent J. Bommarito, in 53 years at the helm of Tony's, has unwaveringly steered his family's St. Louis restaurant from a modest spaghetti house to a lofty anchorage as one of the nation's most sought out and respected fine dining institutions.


  • Alain Sailhac & Arlene Feltman- Sailhac, January/February
    Alain Sailhac & Arlene Feltman- Sailhac are the New York City couple, who, through different tracks, have each advanced the course of culinary education by opening up the mysteries of the professional kitchen to the curious, hungry public.

  • Rick & Deann Bayless, March
    Rick & Deann Bayless show, with verve and class, that restauranteurs can look inward and outward simultaneously to the benefit of customers, staff, the community, and themselves.

  • Dale DeGroff, April
    Dale DeGroff, aka King Cocktail, is a steward of American drinking heritage and debonair innovator of modern classic cocktails.

  • Charlie Palmer, May
    Charlie Palmer is the spirited New York City chef who has fashioned a thriving bicoastal culinary enterprise that includes fine dining restaurants, steak houses, bistros, a hotel, and catering facilities.

  • Emily Luchetti, June
    Emily Luchetti is the San Francisco-based pastry chef and cookbook author who synthesized American and European traditions into a template that informs dessert menus coast to coast.

  • Ferran Adrià & Juan Mari Arzak, July/August
    Basque chef Juan Mari Arzak is the Wilbur Wright of modern Spanish Cuisine. Ferran Adrià is the Catalan wizard who has taken Spanish food into the culinary stratosphere.

  • Mark Stech-Novak, September
    Mark Stech-Novak is a kitchen designer as ideally equipped as one of his own creations, who has a unique constellation of experience, talent, and imagination.

  • Roberto Donna, October
    Roberto Donna's Washington, D.C., restaurant Galileo rose above the prevailing generic Northern Italian/Southern Italian formula to champion a true Italian regional cuisine.

  • Hans Willimann, November
    Hans Willimann is the general manager of the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, where he melds classic European hotel training into a thoroughly modern management style.

  • Barbara Kuck, December
    Barbara Kuck made gastronomic history live at the internationally renowned Culinary Archives and Museum at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.


  • David Burke, January/February
    David Burke is whimsically creative New York City chef whose fun flights of fancy are steered by a classically grounded guidance system.

  • Eric Ripert, March
    Eric Ripert's silken touch with seafood has maintained Le Bernardin (New York City) as one of the most eminent restaurants in the United States.

  • Alfred Portale, April
    Alfred Portale is at the forefront of the movement that created a thoroughly American breed of restaurant at Gotham Bar and Grill in New York City's West Village.

  • Joachim Splichal, May
    Joachim Splichal is the chef/restauranteur who turned Los Angeles' lifeless downtown into a culinary oasis.

  • Mike Mills, June
    Mike (The Legend) Mills is the owner of 17th St. Bar & Grill in Murphysboro, Illinois, and the only three-time winner of the annual Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

  • Melvyn & Janie Master, July/August
    Melvyn and Janie Master are childhood friends, teenaged sweethearts, and, since their marriage in 1964, partners in a variety of wine and restaurant projects.

  • Larry Stone, September
    Larry Stone launched American sommeliers on the same soaring trajectory as American wine and fearlessly fielded the inventive creations of power-hitting European and American chefs.

  • Raymond Blanc, October
    Raymond Blanc is the internationally respected, indestructibly youthful French chef/patron of Oxford's celebrated Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons.

  • Raymond Bickson, November
    Raymond Bickson is a global hotel wunderkind who humanizes the machinery of running hotels, and passes that magic on wherever he works.

  • Karen & David Waltuck, December
    David and Karen Waltuck have unwaveringly steered their pioneering restaurant, Chanterelle (New York City), to the ripe middle age of 25.


  • Patricia Quintana, January/February
    Patricia Quintana is the elegant sprite who, over the course of 35 years, has become the public conscience of Mexican cuisine, past and present.

  • Tom Colicchio, March
    Tom Colicchio is a cook's cook and restaurant lifer who has been instrumental in imprinting the seasonal credo on the expanding minds of the dining public.

  • Michel Stroot, April
    Michel Stroot is a Belgian born, classically trained master of the French kitchen who has managed the seemingly impossible, turning spa cuisine into haute cuisine.

  • Pano Karatassos, May
    Pano Karatassos is the multiunit restauranteur whose Buckhead Life Restaurant Group has set the pace in Atlanta for over a quarter of a century.

  • Joan Nathan, June
    Joan Nathan has vividly chronicled America's diverse culinary and cultural traditions, writing about the remarkable people who produce and prepare our food.

  • Charles Masson, July/August
    Charles Masson has represented the finest in haute hospitality and distinguished the illustrious La Grenouille in New York City as not only a survivor but an exemplar.

  • Harold McGee, September
    Harold McGee is a pioneer of the application of scientific principles in the kitchen.

  • Michel Roux, October
    Michel Roux with his older brother Albert, initiated Anglo-Saxons into the joys and mysteries of contemporary French haute cuisine.

  • Tony Chi, November
    Tony Chi's restaurant designs are gems of understatement, couched in a soft-spoken voluptuousness that consistently achieves "wow" by avoiding it.

  • José Andrés, December
    José Andrés is the best thing to happen to Spain in North America since 1492.


  • Mike Grgich & Warren Winiarski, January/February
    Miljenko "Mike" Grgich and Warren Winiarski, are the prescient duo who sparked a vinous gold rush by besting France's finest in the now legendary Paris blind tasting of 1976.

  • Michel Richard, March
    Michel Richard's unbridled delight and whimsy have been a Roman candle sparkling over the American culinary scene for nearly 20 years.

  • Michel Nischan & Greg Drescher, April
    Michel Nischan and Greg Drescher are sounding a clarion call to healthy dining through compelling flavors without recourse to dietary fads.

  • Terrance Brennan, May
    Terrance Brennan is the New York City chef/restaurateur/entrepreneur who invented American restaurant cheese service as we know it.

  • Lee Jones, June
    Lee Jones' tilling and toiling have raised The Chef's Garden of Huron, Ohio, into the preeminent grower and source of sustainably raised organic produce for restaurants and hotels.

  • Susanna Foo, July/August
    Susanna Foo is the Philadelphia chef/restaurateur who brilliantly pioneered a union between Chinese cuisine and French technique and presentation.

  • Bruno Goussault, September
    Bruno Goussault pioneered the art and science of cooking sous-vide and ignited the low-temperature cooking revolution.

  • Clara María Gonzalez de Amezúa de Llamas, October
    Clara María Gonzalez de Amezúa de Llamas is the spiritual and spirited godmother to Spain's reverberant late 20th century culinary marching band.

  • David Stein, November
    David Stein is the American developer whose growing group of small hotels scattered throughout Europe is punching the stuffiness out of luxury without any loss of distinction or grandeur.

  • Dan Barber, December
    0Dan Barber is the chef whose ongoing dialogue between city and country has pushed the ecological/ethical food movement from a nostalgic longing to a nuts-and-bolts high-tech reality of the 21st century.


  • The Spinazzola Family, January/February
    Dorothy Spinazzola and two of her five children, Christopher Spinazzola and Elizabeth Caprio, have raised nearly $7 million for culinary and hospitality scholarships, mentoring programs, and charities throughout the Greater Boston area.

  • **Eileen Yin-Fei Lo**, March
    Eileen Yin-Fei Lo is the renowned Chinese cooking authority who has distilled the geographic spread and historical depth of her native country's cuisine for American consumption.

  • Carlo Petrini, April
    Carlo Petrini is the visionary Italian political activist who spearheaded the foundation of the worldwide Slow Food movement 21 years ago in his native Piedmont region.

  • Robert Del Grande, May
    Robert Del Grande is the Houston chef who has been one of the inspiring leaders manning the vanguard of the American food revolution for more than 25 years.

  • John Egerton, June
    John Egerton is the writer and culinary activist who has authored nearly a dozen books on the South, and is a founding director of the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA).

  • Sherry Yard, July/August
    Sherry Yard is the vivacious pastry chef whose desserts reflect the confluence of the Left Coast's sun-and-fun lifestyle, Spago's A-list clientele, and an endless summer of choice produce.

  • Joseph Amendola, September
    Joseph Amendola is the pioneer culinary educator whose extraordinary career spans 77 years—and counting.

  • Cesare Casella, October
    Cesare Casella is a Tuscan son who's been making a lasting impression on Italian cuisine in America for nearly 15 years.

  • Toni Neumeister, November
    Toni Neumeister is the visionary chef and executive responsible for raising the bar on shipboard food and drink programs to a level competitive with the highest end restaurants and hotels.

  • Michael O'Neal, December
    Michael O'Neal is the New York City restaurateur who transformed the chophouse into a genre now in full, everblooming flower—the American bistro.


  • Lee Brian Schrager, January/February
    Lee Brian Schrager gave birth to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, where you can't pop a Champagne cork in February without splashing a famous foodie.

  • Anthony Bourdain, March
    Anthony Bourdain is the chef, writer, television host, and provocateur who worked anonymously until he published Kitchen Confidential and became the heralded voice of cooks throughout the world.

  • Elizabeth Blau, April
    Elizabeth Blau is the powerhouse who's done as much as anyone to make Las Vegas one of the great dining destinations of the world.

  • Todd English, May
    Todd English is the archetype of the contemporary chef, and has expanded our ideas of where a restaurant can be located to the point that he now feeds customers on land, on sea, and in the air.

  • August Schumacher Jr., June
    August "Gus" Schumacher Jr. is an agricultural savant, farmer, and former government official who has brought more élan, intelligence, and political savvy to our food system than just about anybody else.

  • Emeril Lagasse & Mario Batali, July/August
    Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali are a seemingly ubiquitous pair of chefs who represent joyous, rollicking, robust, filled-with-flavor food in the 21st century.

  • Liz Neumark, September
    Liz Neumark is a leading New York City independent caterer and one of the most visionary entrepreneurs in the American foodservice industry today.

  • Joël Robuchon, October
    Joël Robuchon is the renowned and revered French chef who inaugurated an age of counter dining that mixes the on-command cooking of a sushi bar with the rigorous perfection of French cuisine.

  • Clark Wolf, November
    Clark Wolf is the consultant whose vision has resonated throughout the hospitality industry for more than 25 years, and boosted the notion of artisanal American foods to a point of reverential acceptance.

  • Michael Lomonaco, December
    Michael Lomonaco, has dressed American food in a jacket and tie and filtered it through a New York City lens for nearly 20 years.


  • John Besh, January/February
    John Besh is the New Orleans chef who's reviving, revitalizing, and reconfiguring food city's culinary legacy for its post–Hurricane Katrina future.

  • Rick Moonen & Paul Bartolotta, March
    Rick Moonen and Paul Bartolotta are veteran chefs who have made a profound impact on restaurant fish cookery and are a vanguard voice for seafood sustainability and ocean conservation.

  • Dean Fearing, April
    Dean Fearing is the chef and restaurateur who helped define Southwestern cuisine as a vibrant branch of American food and had the radical vision that a white tablecloth hotel/restaurant could serve tacos—albeit lobster tacos—and put salsas and homey fare at the culinary forefront.

  • Julian Niccolini & Alex von Bidder, May
    Alex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini are the savvy duo who have maintained The Four Seasons as the default gathering ground for New York City's business, cultural, and political heavyweights.

  • Phila Rawlings Hach, June
    Phila Rawlings Hach has pioneered Southern hospitality for over half a century as a chef/caterer, innkeeper, cookbook author, airlines caterer, and early television star.

  • Keith McNally, July/August
    Keith McNally is the New York City restaurant impresario who's produced a 29-year run of hits stretching from The Odeon and Balthazar to the reincarnated Minetta Tavern.

  • Maricel Presilla, September b Maricel Presilla is the academic/chef/restaurateur/author who has been in the vanguard of the movement spreading the distinctive merits of Latin American cooking in the United States.

  • Michael Psilakis, October
    Michael Psilakis has led modern Greek cooking to new heights, taking a breakthrough approach to a cuisine long regarded as rustic and deeply conservative.

  • Camellia Panjabi, November
    Camellia Panjabi is the dynamo who almost single-handedly changed the perception of Indian cuisine both in her native country and abroad.

  • Gerry Dawes, December
    Gerry Dawes is the unbridled Spanish food and wine enthusiast whose writing, photography, and countless crisscrossings of the peninsula have done the most to introduce Americans to Spain's culinary life.


  • Frank Stitt, January/February
    Frank Stitt is the Birmingham, Alabama, chef and restaurateur who put cast iron–cooked cornbread on a damask-draped table, where it belongs.

  • Frank DeCarlo, March
    Frank DeCarlo is New York's hardworking maestro of Italian wood-fired oven cookery.

  • Cindy Pawlcyn, April
    Cindy Pawlcyn is a Napa Valley original who has been a major player in a number of the restaurants that added an attention-drawing dining layer to the region's burgeoning wine culture.

  • AvroKO, May
    AvroKO is a New York City–based design firm that has spearheaded a restaurant-world revolution with their aesthetic and holistic approach to the increasingly congruent worlds of food and design.

  • Glenn Roberts, June
    Glenn Roberts is the proprietor of Anson Mills, the Charleston, South Carolina–based grower, harvester, processor, and distributor of America's most fetishized grains and legumes.

  • Charles Phan, July/August
    Charles Phan is a San Francisco chef who grew up longing to be a potter but instead ended up shaping Americans' appetite for Vietnamese cuisine.

  • Joyce Goldstein, September
    Joyce Goldstein has, over the course of four decades, awakened Americans to the glories of the Mediterranean's many cuisines.

  • Nancy Silverton, October
    Nancy Silverton is a master baker who brought the Gospel of Good Bread to Los Angeles.

  • Achim Lenders, November
    Achim Lenders is the vice president of international food & beverage operations for Hyatt Worldwide, and has reinvigorated hotel dining by removing barriers between the kitchen, the dining room, and the world beyond.

  • David Bouley, December
    David Bouley has been a leading American force in the evolution of modern French cuisine, with a philosophy that has inspired generations of up-and-coming chefs.


  • Michael Ginor, January/February
    Michael Ginor is best known as the co-founder of Hudson Valley Foie Gras in Ferndale, New York—the company responsible for acquainting Americans with a luxury product that at the time was virtually unknown on our shores.

  • Jon Rowley, March
    Jon Rowley is the enigmatic Seattle-based seafood and produce consultant dubbed "The Fish Missionary" by Julia Child, and is known as one of the nation's premier tastemakers.

  • Niki Leondakis, April
    Niki Leondakis is the president and chief operating officer of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.

  • Michael Mina, May
    Michael Mina has, over a meteoric two decades, established 18 glitzy restaurants and one glam lounge across the country.

  • Peter Hoffman, June
    Peter Hoffman is one of the earliest American chefs to extol farm-to-table cooking and an appreciation for the regional and seasonal.

  • Patrick McDonnell, July/August
    Patrick McDonnell's life in the world of food and hospitality is of such multifaceted complexity that it can hardly be summarized.

  • Susan Feniger & Mary Sue Milliken, September
    Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, the dynamic duo of chefs, restaurateurs, cookbook authors, and multimedia personalities are also known as the Too Hot Tamales.

  • Fergus Henderson, October
    British chef/restaurateur Fergus Henderson's influential nose-to-tail approach to cooking leaves no cut of meat or internal organ wasted.

  • Mark Harmon, November
    Mark Harmon is the principal and chief executive officer of Auberge Resorts.

  • Ann Bramson, December
    Ann Bramson is the editor of extraordinarily beautiful, highly intelligent cookbooks.


  • Cecilia Chiang, January/February
    Cecilia Chiang ushered in a new era of fine Northern Chinese cuisine never before savored in this country.

  • Livanos Family, March
    The Livanos family has written its own American success story based on hard work, smart choices, and family solidarity.

  • Bill Johnson, April
    Atlanta-based architect Bill Johnson's high-energy restaurant designs and sense of urban place are now in hot demand coast-to-coast.

  • Håkan Swahn, May
    Håkan Swahn is an impassioned culinary ambassador for Sweden, who, for more than 25 years, has showcased his country at his acclaimed New York City restaurant Aquavit.

  • B. Smith, June
    B. Smith is a pioneering African-American restaurateur and lifestyle guru.

  • Benoit Gateau-Cumin, July/August
    Benoit Gateau-Cumin is the discreet, knowledgeable and personal hospitality headhunter who fills top posts in pedigreed hotels worldwide.

  • Bill Yosses, September
    Bill Yosses has made stellar contributions to the culinary profession as a pastry chef, advocate for healthful food choices and generous mentor.

  • Claus Meyer, October
    Claus Meyer's achievements are aimed at empowering people—chefs, farmers, home cooks and even prison inmates—to rediscover their native foods and apply them contemporarily for better health, taste, and pleasure.

  • Brad Nelson, November
    Brad Nelson is the culinary vice president and global corporate chef at Marriott International.

  • Anne-Sophie Pic, December
    Anne-Sophie Pic is France’s only Michelin three-starred woman chef.


  • Barbara Lynch, January/February
    Barbara Lynch's inspiring achievements have redrafted the blueprint for fine dining management.

  • The Sancimino Family, March
    The Sancimino family own San Francisco’s venerable Swan Oyster Depot.

  • Daniel Johnnes, April
    Daniel Johnnes is the sommelier who ushered in a new generation of restaurant wine pros who are as approachable as they are accomplished.

  • Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, May
    Chefs/owners Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier dug in heels and spades 25 years ago to create Arrows, their unique spin on an idyllic garden-supported restaurant.

  • Patrick O'Connell, June
    Patrick O’Connell is the chef/owner of The Inn at Little Washington, which 35 years ago shifted the culinary boundary of the nation’s capital 70 miles west.

  • Tom Douglas, July/August
    Tom Douglas led his adopted city of Seattle to a culinary level that’s relished by locals as well as visitors.

  • Darrell Corti, September
    Corti is the owner of the pioneering Corti Brothers grocery in Sacramento, California.

  • Pierre Hermé, October
    Pâtissier extraordinaire Pierre Hermé is acclaimed worldwide as a gifted creator of sublime sweets.

  • Jean-Pierre Etcheberrigaray, November
    Jean-Pierre Etcheberrigaray is a hospitality industry visionary.

  • Nahum Waxman, December
    Nahum (Nach) Waxman, is the founder of Kitchen Arts & Letters, the emporium of books about food and drink.


  • You, the Reader, January/February
    You, the Reader, have done so much over the last 25 years to make yours one of the most compelling, rewarding, and, yes, glamorous businesses in the world.