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Local Black Cod with Daikon, Beech Mushrooms, Tatsoi & Miso Consommé
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Local Black Cod with Daikon, Beech Mushrooms, Tatsoi & Miso Consommé

Ron Siegel, Parallel 37, The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco / April 2012

For 4 servings

• 2 bunches beech mushrooms
• 1 cup miso broth
• salt
• black pepper, freshly ground
• 4  6-oz. fillets black cod
• 2 Tbsps. grapeseed oil
• 1 lg. daikon, cut into sm. dice and lightly blanched
• 1/2 cup dashi
• 1 Tbsp. olive oil
• 4 whole squids, cut into strips
• 1 lemon, zested
• 28 tatsoi leaves
• 1 Tbsp. chopped parsley

  1. Bring mushrooms and miso broth to a boil in small saucepan; reduce heat to medium; gently simmer until mushrooms are tender; strain through fine chinois into a bowl; reserve mushrooms and broth separately (reserve broth for another use).

  2. Season cod; heat grapeseed oil in large skillet; add cod; cook 3 minutes; flip; cook until opaque and just cooked through (about 3 minutes); remove from heat; reserve (keep warm).

  3. Heat sauté pan over medium-high heat; add daikon and 1/8 tsp. dashi; cook, stirring occasionally, until tender; remove from heat; reserve; reduce heat to medium; heat olive oil in pan; add squid; grate zest over top; cook until squid is cooked through.

  4. To serve, heat remaining dashi in a saucepan until warm; place tatsoi and parsley in a bowl; toss to combine; divide among serving bowls; place a cod fillet on top of each; divide squid over top of each cod fillet; spoon dashi over; scatter reserved daikon and mushrooms around.

What to drink: sake