"Cappuccino" of Fava Beans with Mint Foam

Ferran Adria, El Bulli, Cala Montjoi, Rosas (Gerona), Spain - October 1997

For 4 servings

  • 8 oz. fava beans, shelled and peeled
  • 2 oz. ham stock
  • 1 sprig mint, leaves removed from stems and blanched
  • 2 oz. pig's ear stock (see note below)
  • 1 1/2 Tbsps. serrano or prosciutto ham fat, cut into small cubes
  1. Combine beans and ham stock in heavy saucepan over medium heat; bring to boil; reduce heat; simmer, stirring occasionally until beans are tender.

  2. With slotted spoon, remove 1/4 of beans; reserve.

  3. Transfer remaining beans and cooking liquid to a blender; puree until smooth; return to saucepan; reserve (keep warm).

  4. Puree mint in blender, adding a little pig's ear stock; strain through chinois into saucepan; add remaining pig's ear stock; bring to boil; remove from heat; let cool completely.

  5. Whisk infused stock with electric blender until foamy.

  6. To serve, fry ham fat in skillet over medium heat; add reserved beans; heat through. Divide fat and beans among 4 espresso cups; add enough soup to fill 3/4 full; top each with mint foam.

Food Arts Note: If pig's ears are not available, use a very gelatinous ham or pork stock.