Ditte Isager
Dessert of Strawberries and Chamomile, adapted from René Redzepi: A Work in Progress by René Redzepi.
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Dessert of Strawberries and Chamomile

René Redzepi, A Work in Progress: Journal, Recipes and Snapshots - December 23rd, 2013

This recipe has been adapted from René Redzepi: A Work in Progress by René Redzepi―a book featured in Word-to-Table Cooking, Food Arts' yearly roundup of chef-authored cookbooks.

Serves 4 (advance preparation required)

Hay cream:

  • 65g hay
  • 650ml cream
  1. Heat oven to 325°F (160°C).

  2. Bake hay 1 hour; cool; vacuum-pack with cream; rest 12 hours; strain; reserve in refrigerator.


  • granulated sugar
  • 20 Polka strawberries, halved and trimmed at an angle so they stand up on the plate

Sprinkle sugar onto cut surface of strawberries; allow to marinate for approximately 12 minutes.

Hay parfait:

  • 65g egg yolks
  • 45g granulated sugar
  • 45g water
  • 30g trimoline
  • 1 gelatin leaf, bloomed
  1. Blend egg yolks, sugar, water, and trimoline at medium speed in Thermomix until mixture begins to thicken and reaches 82°C (180°F); transfer mixture to stand mixer; add gelatin; whisk until cool.

  2. Whip 250ml hay cream to medium peaks; gradually fold cream into egg mixture; transfer parfait to piping bag; pipe into cylindrical molds, 2cm in diameter; freeze; cut parfait into 1cm thick rounds.

Chamomile broth:

  • 250ml water
  • 22ml dark flower honey
  • 15g chamomile buds
  • salt
  • lemon juice
  • citric acid

Boil water with honey; remove from heat; add chamomile buds; infuse 10 minutes; strain; reserve half the chamomile buds as garnish; blend remaining buds with the broth in blender; strain; cool; season with salt, lemon juice, and citric acid.


  • sheep sorrel leaves
  • verbena leaves
  • small bronze fennel tips
  • marjoram leaves
  • oregano leaves
  • elderflower sprigs
  • canola oil

Chill 4 plates; divide strawberries among plates; top with half the herbs; add 5 rounds hay parfait; dress with remaining herbs and reserved chamomile buds; finish with spoonfuls broth and a few drops of canola oil.

Adapted from René Redzepi: A Work in Progress (November 11, 2013; $59.95) Phaidon Press, www.phaidon.com.