Red Mullet, Mackerel, Grape Juice & Radish
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Red Mullet, Mackerel, Grape Juice & Radish

Matthew Young, Mayfields, Hackney, London - May 9th, 2014

This recipe is more of a collection of simple seasonal ingredients, which are treated with care. Attention is focused on the cleaner flavors, which are available in the winter seasons. The seviche style of this dish reflects this thinking.

A pickle is made ahead by slicing rounds of shallots and placing them into a mix of lemon juice, Chardonnay vinegar, and water (a ratio of 1:1:3) and left for 1 hour before using.

Each fish has its own acidic curing marinade. A mackerel fillet has its outer membrane peeled off, keeping its delicate patina intact. The mackerel fillet is then set whole in a mix of white soy sauce and Chardonnay vinegar (to taste, but roughly half-and-half ratio) for approximately 2 minutes.

Slice the fish, following the grain, into delicate chunks.

A red mullet fillet is skinned and set for about 1 minute in a mix of lime juice and Chardonnay vinegar (to taste also), before also being sliced.

The red meat radish is sliced as thinly as possible before being salted and left for 10 minutes to collapse. Finally, juice some muscat grapes.

To arrange, toss the barely cured fish pieces together and place them in a bowl.

Pour in the grape juice and cover the fish in some pickled shallots.

Place the radish slices alongside and garnish with coriander and dill. Add a few drops of mild olive oil to sit on the pool of juice to finish.

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