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Seen & Read: July 31, 2014

Food Arts Staff - July 31st, 2014

Frites by Anne de la Forest
De la Forest celebrates the coveted French fry with over 30 recipes ranging from traditional American to feta, a technical guide, and an array of sauces. Look for it on shelves next month. —Abbe Lewis, associate editor

I’m Gluten Intolerant…Intolerant, Huffington Post
Gluten and gluten-free have become hot-button terms of late, even inspiring bits on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, as the latest health fads have inspired many to strike gluten from their diets. Wheat has been blacklisted by those watching their weight, despite true gluten intolerance—caused by celiac disease—affecting only about 1 percent of the U.S. population. Mark Vetri, of Vetri Ristorante in Philadelphia, addressed the controversial issue. —Kelsey Holloway Murdoch, editorial assistant

Why Do Some People Love “Earthy” Flavours in Food?, The Guardian
Why do some people go wild for that dirt-like flavor in beets, young potatoes, and wild freshwater fish? Amy Fleming takes a scientific look at such cravings, which are likely tied to a protein called geosine. "Humans are incredibly sensitive to its odor and can detect it at 0.1 parts per billion. If you mixed a teaspoon of it into 200 Olympic swimming pools, you'd still be able to smell it," she explains. Perhaps soil tasting menus might not be so crazy after all. —K.H.M.