Celestial Premieres

Patricia Boyer, Lois Bloom - May 2011

Color, texture, and shape make these new releases sensory stars of the table.

Antonis Achilleos

    Clockwise from front

    Steelite International USA (www.steelite.com) Pillivuyt “Quartet” blends contemporary design with the look of hand-thrown china. The 9 3/4" 4-compartment square plate is shown with the 2 3/4" square deep ramekin and a small bowl.

    Cardinal (www.cardinalglass.com) Gently angled “Lima” tumblers with sheer rims come in three sizes: 12 3/4 oz. Highball and 11 3/4 oz. Old Fashioned (shown), and a 9 oz. Rocks.

    Orion Trading & Design (www.oriontrading.com) At 5 3/4" by 4 3/4", this satin-finished stainless-steel “Taco Holder” can hold two tacos or stuffed pitas—or be reversed to hold a singleton.

Antonis Achilleos

    Top to bottom

    TableCraft (www.tablecraft.com) The 14 1/2" by 10" by 9 1/2" mirror-finished stainless-steel “Wine Cooler” holds up to three bottles of wine.

    Libbey Foodservice (foodservice.libbey.com) “Reserve” now includes the 8 5/8" tall, 16 oz. “Vino Deco” all-purpose wineglass with a logo that demarcates 9- and 6-ounce pours, and the 8", 12 1/2 oz. stem.

Antonis Achilleos

    Clockwise from bottom

    Korin (www.korin.com) “Tanka,” handmade in Japan, includes the 2" by 8 3/4" rectangular platter and 10" round plate.

    Apilco USA (www.apilco-usa.com) The 10.8" “Tonga” wok plate is now available in matte-finish black. Its sloped bowl atop a pedestal base makes it perfect for mussels, pastas, and stews.

    Riverside Design Group (www.riversidedesigns.com) Dramatic new shades of metallic cocoa and silver have been added to the popular line of “Sea Glass” triangles.

    Kenilworth Trading Company (www.kenilworthllc.com) “Stoneleaf” is a new hygienic, nonporous, lighter material with a stone-like natural appeal. Available in squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and rounds, the pieces can be used alone or in combination with plates.

    Teroforma (www.teroforma.com) “Ekka” 2 ounce shot glasses are sleek stackable 2 1/8" cylinders produced from natural soapstone, which won’t absorb flavors or aromas. Stored in the freezer, they cool from the outside in, keeping a drink cold longer without the need for ice.

Antonis Achilleos

    Right to left

    Bernardaud (www.bernardau.fr) Two new colors, orange/gold (shown) and lime/platinum, have been added to the Olivier Gagnere–designed “Galerie Royale” collection.

    Oneida Foodservice (foodservice.oneida.com) Rounded bands enhance the contemporary design of “Culinaria” high-luster 18/10 stainless-steel flatware.

Antonis Achilleos

    Top to bottom

    BIA Cordon Bleu (www.biacordonblu.com) Whimsically embossed “Icing,” fashioned in lustrous and creamy “Nouveau” porcelain, offers a variety of interesting shapes. The 11 1/4" deep round entrée plate is shown with the 5 and 11 oz. ramekins.

    Villeroy & Boch (www.villeroy-boch.com) The 8 1/4" square black glass plate adds sharp contrast to the “Cera” 11" white porcelain square. Other sizes are available.

    WMF Hotel The knives of “Epos 1600” (www.wmfamericas.com) flatware in polished 18/10 stainless steel can stand on the blade and are available serrated.

Antonis Achilleos

    Top to bottom

    Lenox Contemporary (www.lenox.com) “Milazzo” squares and rectangles have reinforced edges and broad parallel rims, bringing sophisticated design to bright white china made with Alumina for added strength and durability.

    Seltmann USA (www.seltmann-usa.com) These 6 1/2", 9 1/4", and 11 1/4" oval bowls are new additions to the “Mandarin Event” line.