Winning Streaks

Patricia Boyer, Lois Bloom - April 2010

Which shapes, colors, and novelties raked in the popularity chips at 2009 restaurant tables? Lois Bloom and Patricia Boyer hear from manufacturers what won top best-seller status.

Ryann Cooley

    American Metalcraft The black wooden “Sauce Cup Serving Circle,” 18" in diameter, is indented to stabilize a dozen and a half 3.2 ounce “Egg Shaped Sauce Cups.”

Ryann Cooley

    Clockwise from top

    Richard Ginori 1735 A favorite of Mario Batali, “Antico Doccia” carries classic design into contemporary settings with a gently concave rim. The “Pasta Gourmet” dish is shown.

    Seltmann In the sculptural “Paso” porcelain collection circle melds with square to form swirls, arcs, and figure eights. Shown here, the 8 1/2 ounce cup and whirlpool saucer.

    BIA Cordon Bleu Designed in oven-to-table porcelain to accommodate sides, soufflés, pastas, and shared entrées, “Wavy Bakers” come in a range of shapes and sizes, from 3 1/2" ramekins to 15" bakers. Colors include red, olive, and marigold. Shown is a 15" handled oval.

Ryann Cooley

    Clockwise from left

    Villeroy & Boch A small 6 1/3" amuse-gueule plate is part of the versatile “Stella Hotel” bone china collection. Other shapely components include an oval pickle dish, gravy boat, soup cup, and mug.

    Wedgwood Hotel Designed by Queensberry Hunt in high-fired bright-white porcelain, the “Nexus” arc design is embossed across the rim of the cutting-edge “Trapeze” shape.

    Rosenthal The clean contemporary lines of “Loft” make it both functional and versatile. The 13 2/5" oval platter is shown.

Ryann Cooley

    Left to right

    Lilien Austria The “Bistro Band” decoration is available in four standard color bands—rust (shown), dark blue, red, and light blue—plus custom colors as desired.

    Orion Trading & Design The 15 ounce “Martini/Margarita” glass, individually blown from recycled glass, is also appealing for seafood cocktails or ice cream and berry desserts. Shown with an amber rim; cobalt, red, and green are also available.

    Steelite International USA “Terramesa” offers a handcrafted appearance teamed with heightened durability. Shown are the 12" “Spice” plate in mustard, the 10" “Zest” platter in mocha, and the 11 ounce, 5 1/2" “Essence” bowl in olive. The same items are also available in wheat.

Ryann Cooley

    Clockwise from top

    Chef & Sommelier Featuring sheer rims and flat bases, “Oenologue Expert” is fashioned from super strong Kwarx glass; its brilliance and transparency will withstand 2,000 commercial washings. An 8 3/4 ounce flute is shown.

    Riverside Design Group The “Plates with Purpose” collection donates a portion of proceeds to various worthy not-for-profit organizations. The 9" square “Heart” plate benefits Pittsburgh Habitat for Humanity.

    Riedel The “CrescendO” collection of four “O” nonlead, stemless Viognier/Chardonnay glasses in shades of pink ranging from “a whisper of color to a rosy glow” are appropriate for wine, juice, water, or iced tea. A portion of proceeds from sales benefits Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

    Izabel Lam The “Morning Tide” clear fused glass presentation platter measures 6 1/2" by 14" and is 3/8" thick. Use it for a selection of amuses, cheese, or charcuterie.

Ryann Cooley

    TableCraft Riveting attention with its rakish scale (32 1/2" high and 14 1/2" wide), the “Remington” Martini-shaped glass beverage stand in stainless steel keeps bottles and glassware chilled for service.